Mervin and the Wicked Station
Xbox One

They say that curiosity killed a cat, but can it do the same to a monkey?..

Two astronauts find a mysterious space station during their exploratory mission. They decide to check if there are anybody who needs their help. But not only the station wasn't abandoned, it turned out that it's them who needs help. In fact, yours!

The problems began as a vicious monsters kidnapped one of the astronauts. But it looks like someone even more dangerous stands behind them. Who could it be?.. Anyway, there is no time to loose – jump and run, fight your way through hordes of evil creatures and their traps, outwit the death itself and save our hero's partner!Key Features:
  • Various challenging levels: the dangers of deep space are already waiting for you;
  • A variety of traps and enemy types: someone did a really good job to turn this station into a deadly place;
  • Beautiful art: you'd probably enjoy it even at such horrible times, and we wouldn't blame you!
  • Secret levels: as if the station wasn't mysterious enough, there are some secret levels at it. Collect the stars to find them!