Metal Unit

Metal Unit

Metal Unit tells a tragic story of human survivors and their battle against monsters and machines to regain their planet.

The Earth has been invaded by ancient monsters emerging from underground and alien machines descending from space. Play as Joanna, a new soldier capable of wearing the M-Unit suit. She journeys to save humanity from its invadors and to take revenge on her sister that has allied with the alien cult.
Key Features:Action Battle System – Players can dash to evade enemies and chain multiple weapon attacks to perform combos. They will develop their own combat style through the use of melee, ranged, sub weapons and more.
Outside World and Dungeons – Players can choose to explore locations on the surface of the planet or delve inside mysterious dungeons. Traveling around the world will progress the story, while going underground offers bigger rewards at the cost of facing difficult enemies and puzzles.
Tragic Story – The characters in Metal Unit will suffer through corruption, betrayal and death. Players can impact the story by making choices during key dialogues and performing certain actions during the game.
Elements of a Roguelite – Upon death the game will convert all equipped items into permanent research points. This resource can be used to unlock new items and skills. Players will constantly receive weapons of varying utility and need to adapt their strategy to match their current equipment.