Metaverse Keeper
Xbox One

Metaverse Keeper is a cooperative dungeon crawler with roguelike element. Explore its randomly generated world full of danger with your teammates while collecting resources, exploring bastions, and making fun of enemies with the help of all kinds of amazing weapons to uncover the hidden secret of the Deep.

Metaverse Keeper offers a variety of monsters to fight through with the help of all sorts of weapons, items, and power enhancement tools called Chips. The further you go on your adventures, the more difficult enemies and challenges you will encounter, not to mention a ferocious boss at the end of each level.

Game Feature

  • The Heroes: Metaverse Keeper gives you a selection of hyperspace heroes, all of whom have saved the world in their own universe and come equipped with unique powers, designated as the world-saving agent by the mysterious Corp.

  • A Twisty Bastion: Deception is the best protection! Each time you enter the bastion its shape changes. Don't try to memorize its layout, no your adventure through will look the same.

  • Chips: Scattered across the dungeon are Chips, reality-altering fragments used to empower heroes on their journey. To discover their secrets will require all your wits and courage.

  • Weapons & Items: Metaverse Keeper offers a wide range of weapons, each with their own unique features. Thanks to our random prefix weapon system, you and your friends can be expecting fresh and empowering experience your every new playthrough.
    Items in the game can be used for a variety of purposes, especially with chips and weapons which often would turn things around even the direst of situations. Team up with a friend to double the fun!

  • Online Co-op: A little difficult on your own? Team up with a friend to embark on your new journey together! But be wary, your foes may have friends as well.