Micro Entertainment: Up to Eleven | macOS

Micro Entertainment: Up to Eleven

This game is part of the Micro Entertainment Pack, a collection of tiny desktop games I developed for fun.

Combine blocks of identical numbers to get progressively higher numbers. Try to turn it all the way up to eleven! Essentially a clone of the puzzle game 2048.

  • Classic 2048 gameplay but with a logarithmic scale.
  • Supports both mouse and keyboard control!
  • Tiny, unobtrusive graphics and Micro Mode - The game only occupies a fraction of your screen real estate, and can even be displayed in half size on high DPI displays, making it perfect for discreetly playing at work or while watching something on your computer.

Currently I only release mac binaries, as that's the only platform I play these games on. There is no reason why they should not work on other platforms however. They are written in Rust and have a dependency on C libraries SDL2 and SDL_gfx. I don't think there would be any issues compiling for Linux or Windows, but I can't support those platforms.