MidPoint | Xbox One

Xbox One


MidPoint is a 2.5d action-platformer game with RPG elements and resource management mechanics in a fantasy post apocalyptic world, where  the demons escape from their prison and almost finished with humanity and then you steal the power of an Angel to fight against then. your job is jail them again and restore the balance. 

  • A unique twist on stamina  systems, you can steal sp from enemies or recharge it manually.
  • A skill tree that modify the whole gameplay.
  • Great bosses that has more than patterns own strategies.
  • No invulnerability at less not free (try to not get cornered or you will be dead)
  • skills do more than one thing and can be mastered /hidden tech
  • Non linear levels.
  • All the superhuman upgrades have a Spirit Power (SP) cost 
  • Not all monster has contact damage. 
  • amulets system that modify the way you play, but be careful, most amulets have a trade off.
  • Beautiful 2.5D graphics bringing the best of both worlds 

- play with a controller for better experience.

This game is in alpha stage animations and some graphics are place holders, but please fill the feedback form  or leave a comment  I'm open to feedback this is your chance to make MidPoint better!.

Bug & Feedback 

Your feedback and bug report will help us develop better game. We will try to actively reflect your opinions.

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