Milo's Quest | Xbox One

Milo's Quest
Xbox One

Milo’s Quest is a 2D top-down adventure game about a dog, lots of ghosts and puzzles. Featuring colorful pixelated graphics and chiptune music.

Milo is a very smart and brave dog! Help him to save the world from the ghostly armies of King Old Skull, an ancient evil, who was freed, let’s say, by accident, and now wants to rule all the world and turn everyone into ghosts!!

During the way, Milo will find some special items, called Relics, which will help him on his quest by granting new skills. There is also many more other helpful and powerful items scattered throught the lands that awaits you to explore. Solve puzzles, defeat enemies, find items, improve yourself and save the world!


4 different locations with unique visuals to explore;
Colorful 8-bit style graphics;
3 Difficult levels to suit your playstyle;
3 Different Modes: Full Game, “Only Puzzles” or “Only Adventure”;
6 Different Relics with helpful abilities;
Many different Items to collect (Extra Hearts, Extra Stamina, and others);
Alternative paths.