MINRIS - Unique Match 3 Puzzle | Xbox One

MINRIS - Unique Match 3 Puzzle
Xbox One

The MINRIS Match 3 Puzzle game is simple. Match by collecting blocks from top.

Attention: It seems easy to reach the goal at first sight, but you need to plan your moves beforehand !

How To Play:

• Tap and gather same blocks, they must be three of them.

• Create the perfect strategy, clear blocks with tetrice MATCH THREE action.

• Try to increase your point score by matching more blocks.

• The faster you play, the more points you get.


• Free & very unique puzzle to play.

• Postmodern pixel art gameplay.

• A time killer that’s easy to match blocks and play.

• Great to develop logic, and train your mental capacity.

• Mixed Blocks that makes every level unique.

• Master different types of challenges: Score & Time Race, Block Goals, Clear Stone Blocks.

• Levels made easy to hard for all players enjoy matching puzzle.

How MINRIS Match 3 Puzzle Works:

• SAME COLOR & SYMBOL MATCH: This type of blocks allows you to get the most points.

• SAME COLOR MATCH: Easily collect three blocks by color pick.

• SAME SYMBOL MATCH: If you are careful, blast blocks with the same symbol.

• When you get stuck in the game you can press unlock and play next level.


• Enjoy color blast blocks, grab more points when you perfect match.

• Fun is at the tip of your fingers, with the best match three game you will ever play.

• Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded with incredible color blast.


• Match three blocks to clear lines and stay in safe, if you drop the blocks into cursed water, you lose.

• Take your time, each puzzle must be cleared using a limited number of matches.


• Get ready for an incredible match three adventure in the mystic game theme.

• There are countless possibilities, and your talent in solving puzzles will be key in mastering Minris.

• It’s new unique matching game style we call it TETRO MATCH !

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