Missing Translation

Lost in a weird city in the middle of the desert and surrounded by strange creatures that keep staring at you. This is a game about exploring the unknown and solving puzzles... lots of them! Don't be fooled by the looks, this isn't your typical point & click adventure, you'll spend your time solving them.Key Features
  • No tutorials, hints or even text to be found here. This wasn't made to increase difficulty but to let the player do everything on his own, "Missing Translation" isn't a hard game, but we don't like hand-holding.

  • REPEAT, NO TEXT. Everyone can enjoy it regardless of the language they speak :D

  • Three different puzzle mechanics, each of those features 25 levels to complete.

  • Beautiful black and white pixel art... ... did I already say we have cats?

  • Two different characters to choose from.

  • Additional challenges involving a drawn language that can be learned up to some point.

  • Great soundtrack that has evolved with the rest of the game over development.

  • FREE! No ads, cash shop or any of those modern things.