Mission Pluto | Xbox One

Mission Pluto
Xbox One

Year of 2084

The dwarf planet pluto has been oxyginated and got it ready to start mining operations with unmanned spacecrafts and top secret missions. Now the world is ready to send humans to the dwarf planet with internationally built spaceship "Burninator".

Special men and women has been chosen from International Military Council navy, air force and civillian life. They are now ready for their mission.

"The Mission Pluto"

But, everything is not as what it seems.


  • Between 1 to 2 hours playtime.
  • Be the pilot of the world's only spaceship.
  • Engage in spaceship fights.
  • Be on 3 diffrent plantes.
  • Uncover the truth.
  • Find the plots.
  • Solve the mysteries.


This game has no autsave feature, you must save the game by yourself.

Major Characters

Linda Skylar

Linda is the pilot of the Space Cruiser Burninator. Young and experinced pilot in civillian life. She's curious, adventurous and smart. She's the protagonist and most of her personality/attitude is going to be determined by you.

Svetlana Smirnov

Svetlana is the captain of the Space Cruiser Burninator and she is responsible for all the ship. She was the captain of the biggest cruise ship in the world until the ship's got bought by some rich folk and Svetlana's got fired. She's addicted to her job and she has a relaxed attitude. But not when the things go bad.

Juliana Martin

She is the doctor of the Space Cruiser Burninator. She is a good friend of Linda and she helps her most of the time.

Sergei Ivanov

Sergei is the engineer of the Space Cruiser Burninator. He's obsessed with his job and does his job with extreme discipline. He doesn't talk much and he hates when he gets disturbed while doing his job.

Lt.Colonel Roy McCally

Nothing much known about this man. All known information is he was a navy pilot and then transferred to air force secret operations.


This game is all fictional, any resemblance to any of the characters, events and all other terms are purely coincidental.

This is a FICTION game, some parts or events ARE unrealistic and illogical.

"Questions are never indiscreet, answers sometimes are."

-Oscar Wilde