Monster Butcher | Xbox One

Monster Butcher
Xbox One

Monster Butcher

Warning : there are some animations not working on the web player. Download the game to play it the best.

A "Monster Hunter" original parody.
Made as a project during the "Video Games' Jobs" Bachelor Degree in Montpellier, France.

Controls :

Arrows or ZQSD : Move around

Ctrl : Equip weapon

Left click : use your weapon

Left Ctrl : switch between your 2 weapon slots

Right click : dash (Only inside the arena)

Lore Description :

In a close future, at the heights of our society, there is nothing more meaningful than to be distracted in all ways.

In a large arena, participants are dropped, chasing monsters placed in artificial biomes. A race for “views” is launched, all of which is broadcasted on internet and on television. The show does not come to anything other than itself. It is a criticism of the consumer society and the spectacle, placing entertainment at the center, at the cost of suffering animal and human sacrifice.

Credits :

Baptiste Bourgoin - Gameplay Programmer, Sound Designer & Mission Designer
Annaël Herant - Main Game Designer & 2D Artist & Narrative
Adèle Meunier - Main 2D Artist & Level Designer
Antonin Vigneron - IA Programmer & Game Designer