MonsterBreedingBattle | Xbox One

Xbox One

・Mixed and produced monsters

・Fight them against other players all over the world

and compete for ranking

It is a game that you can play casually, just repeat the above.

【Game features】

1: Game characteristics that you can be advanced crisply.

You can play in a short time.

When the battle playback speed is set to MAX,

you can finish it in less than 5 seconds.

In addition, level up and quests are unnecessary.

Even play with little gap time

you can aim for the ranking.

2: Game characteristics specialized in formulation

It is finished it in a simple shape

but the possibilities are infinite.

Not only monster table parameters,

but also including backside parameters and skills,

there is never exactly the same monster.

Also, unlike just synthesizing,

this is a system where pedigree is important.