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Monsters & Miners
Xbox One

Welcome everyone.

I have officialy released my game, which i worked on pretty long, mainly cause im a student and also its purely made just by me (not like im perfect, more like i dont have anybody to work with ...)

Its a development release and there is not many content in it yet, but i hope i will get some feedback , so i can continue with development in the right way.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or advices, im open minded, ready to take on everything you have. I mainly want to learn as much as i can and become better developer and maybe even a better person :).

Also sory for my English,  its really terrible xD

!!! It is a Development release and so you will probably spot some or maybe even many bugs,  i will be super happy if you could write them down to the comment section

Email: [email protected]

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