Monstra Legatum | Xbox One

Monstra Legatum
Xbox One

Monstra Legatum is my very first ever game jam submission, created in one week, and focuses on exploring an RPG style world to build a dangerous collection of monsters and use them to solve a final puzzle.

The Game Itself

You can build your collection out of four main monsters;

FROAKEET: A lovely, peaceful frog that can destroy your internal organs system with it's deadly venom.

SHROOMOREL: It's a normal mushroom. Except it can solve complex puzzles and riddles with it's extremely developed intelligence.

INFERNIDER: One minute it's a man eating spider; the next it's a pretend pooch, rolling about everywhere. Tut tut.

SPROUTSALOT: A proud and valiant soldier, ready to take up any fight and stand in the face of adversity. Only problem is; he's a tree.

This version of the game, as it was built in such a short time, is lacking in features and potentially has bugs within. I intend to properly finish it and add some more versions in a large version 1.1 update, should people want to see this. 

A special thanks to Link_Drako for fixing bugs and ensuring a smooth transition to my first ever finished project.

Thanks to all for checking out my submission to my first game jam, and I hope you enjoy it.