Monstress Academy | Xbox One

Monstress Academy
Xbox One

This is a galgame with horror elements.

"Got no money left..." Mom and dad hardly ever gave me any money, now it has permanently stopped. To get a better education with the limited resources, I got myself transfered to this 'free of charge' academy. But thing started to fell apart from there...

I thought this fancy academy was a sign from god, that I should channel all my strength in to studying. But fact was I couldn't even focus. "Why this academy that seems normal is full of freaks????" As a human lab rat, I couldn't communicate with these monstrous schoolmates whatsoever. I was wreaked the first day: Vision is down, every muscle of my body hurts.
"Damn, I thought academy is all about getting somewhere and stuff! I can't be locked up with these Monstresses!" With no other options, I started to plan the perfect jail break, the only goal was to break out of this academy full of lying bastards and monstresses. But things went sideways pretty fast...