Moon Caves | Xbox One

Moon Caves
Xbox One

Moon Caves is a top down shooter and rogue lite game. In the game you are controlling a spaceship which is sent out to explore the caves on the moon. But once you enter the caves, you find out that they are inhabited by a hostile force. It is up to you to survive against them while also trying to find the path down into the next level of the caves. This game is also a rogue lite by having all of the same elements as a rogue like, but with the exception of permadeath. 

Since this game is in development, please provide feedback if you can by taking this survey. (Please be truthful.) If there is feedback that you want to say but there isn't a question for it, then put it in the comments at the end of the survey. If there is something you want to say and want others to be able to see it, or if you for some reason can't take the survey, then comment it on this page instead.