Moonshot (itch) (scatter) | Xbox One

Moonshot (itch) (scatter)
Xbox One

While flying through space, your rocket started running low on fuel and had to make an emergency landing on a nearby moon. Can you scrounge up enough fuel from the moon's resources to escape?

Made for the Weekly Game Jam 129.

The objective of the game is to collect enough fuel for your rocket through using your pick on the rocks. Collect the fuel pellets that drop and bring them back to the rocket. Once your rocket is fuelled enough, press Space nearby to take off to the next moon.

The syringe can be used to draw oxygen from the rocks for your survival, but this will cause them to have less fuel pellets if mined.

The flamethrower can be used to kill aliens, and it drains oxygen faster. If 20 aliens are killed on a single moon, an upgrade will be offered when taking off. 

Moons get progressively harder. There is no end.


Movement - WASD/Arrow keys

Switch to pick - 1

Switch to syringe - 2

Use tool - Space

Use flamethrower - Left click