Moony's Tale | Xbox One

Moony's Tale
Xbox One

Moony’s Tale is a single-player adventure game that unravels Moony’s journey to save his kinds all over the solar system. In this game, the player acts as Moony to get the highest score as possible in an endless game with the planets in space as a background. On every 20 jumps the character makes, Moony saves a rabbit.


Moony is a small rabbit from a planet called Boolan. Moony really loves to jump, and Moony has a lot of friends. When Moony was in school, he learned about the solar system. Moony was taught that a lot of rabbits are scattered all around the solar system because of the incident of asteroids crashing to each other whenever the rabbits are on a mission. Knowing this, Moony starts to dream about saving the rabbits all around the solar system and bring back to their original planet, Boolan. To make his dreams come true, Moony starts his adventure by jumping through the asteroid belts to reach other planets. Moony then created a magical pair of shoes that can help him jump from asteroids to asteroids. Can Moony save his kinds?

- Mochamad Aulia Akbar Praditomo (1606827145)
- Izzan Fakhril Islam (1606875806)
- Imran Amrulloh (1606828942)
- Firandra Savitri (1606829043)
- Muhammad Azmie Alaudin (1606875945)
- Muhammad Rezki (1606875812)