More commands for less control

More commands for less control
Xbox 360

A game in which you have to keep control over a machine that gets more complex over time. (better in full screen)


  1. Temperature : Keep the temperature in the middle zone with the "fuel supply" slider.
  2. Mass: The mass needs to stay over it's minimun height, use the handwheel to wind it up.
  3. Pressure: Release the pressure with the button before it becomes too high.
  4. Light: When the light turns off use the switch to bring it back.
  5. Pipes: Turn the wheel-pipe  to meet the fluid requirements of the
    machine. Examples: If the "Need to empty" light on the water tank comes on, place the wheel-pipe so that it connects the water tank to the "throw liquids" component. If the "Need oil" light comes on, turn the wheel-pipe to connect the oil tank to the component requiring it. And so on!

NOTE: this is an updated version of the game, the original version submitted in the game jam is downloadable below !