Xbox 360

! M U R D E R  M Y S T E RY !

You were invited to a party at Mr. Max's penthouse.  Mr. Max is exetremely rich, he is a successful business man. Along with you are the seven people that has a relationship with Mr. Max.  

As a toast was to be held, the lights went off.  Few seconds after, lights were finally turned on but Mr. Max was on the ground, lifeless. He was murdered. 

Since Mr. Max has held many parties with the same people, their only suspect is you, because you have been invited for the first time.  

You have to prove your innocence by finding out who the real murderer is.  You must associate with the people not once, but many times.  Talking to them countless time can lead you to clues! 

A little tip: don't just rely on the people, because each items have descriptions. You'd be stuck without checking the furnitures! 

Another  tip: Read carefully, their words have clue! 

Another another tip: SOUND ON! it has a background music :) 

 Goodluck and enjoy!