Music Escape (Alpha Edition)
Xbox One

Music Escape is a VR rhythm game where you slash proximity bombs and avoid laser traps as they move towards you in a Cyberpunk setting.
Master Adamantium Claws & Light Nunchakus and see where you rank among the world's best. Are you ready for the challenge?


    • Arcade Mode - Pickup and Play, then see where your scores rank on our worldwide leaderboards
    • Songs - 10 songs includes (fully mapped for both weapon types)
    • Map Editor - Create your own Beatmaps with our Map Editor:
    • Weapons - Adamantium Claw, Light Nunchaku (and many more to come!)
    • Leaderboards - test your might against others worldwide

To Music Escape owners:
1. Don't forget to join our Discord to keep track of all the latest updates:
2. The folder for Beatmaps you've created should be placed here: ~Music Escape\Music Escape_Data\StreamingAssets\CustomSongs
3. If you're looking for more music, try for community created Beatmaps. We are not affiliated with them and we do not condone music piracy so please make sure you own the rights for the music you play.