Dive into the ever-transforming world of Mutatis! This unique shoot ‘em up game reacts to the various sensors and information of your device to constantly shake things up!

A whole new dimension of possibilities open up as you consider the different ways to interact with Mutatis. Should you play it in the dark? How loud will you make your volume? Prepare to be amazed as the game changes before your very eyes.

◆ Classic shmup action with a twist
◆ Gameplay connected to your environment and state of your device
◆ Enemies that react to the condition you’re playing in
◆ Power-ups that utilize different sensors
◆ Colorful palettes for each unique situation
◆ Capture data on enemies, powers and themes by taking a screenshot
◆ Compete for highest score in a global leaderboard
◆ Collect achievements that reward playing in many conditions
◆ Original music that also reacts to changes

Discover a different Mutatis every time you play.