Mystery Village: Shards of the Past
Xbox One

Welcome to the Mystery Village: Shards of the Past - a journey to the past that can become your doom.
Your friend wants to rebuild a settlement in which she was born. Many years ago, as a result of rather dramatic event, this village was abandoned. You agreed to help her and prepare the village to the resettling.

You have arrived in this dark desolate place. Your mission begins, and there’s so much work to do!
Explore buildings of the forsaken settlement, fight those who dwell in the shadows and fulfill your objectives by collecting various objects that have a great nostalgic value for your friend. «They will become the part of foundation of renewed settlement», she said. You think it’s a bit strange, but if she thinks that’s a decent start - so be it.

LOST AND FORGOTTENDozens of dark rooms that can turn into a real labyrinth;SHADOWS OF THE PASTBeings that once were living humans. Who or what are they now? Listen to them, and they’ll tell you by themselves…SHATTERED MEMORIESTrinkets of the days that are long gone. What do they mean for the woman that sent you to search of them? Why are they so important? What is behind all this?