Mythological Madness (Shantanu Nair) | Xbox One

Mythological Madness (Shantanu Nair)
Xbox One

This is a 2 player local android Augmented Reality game that has one person use their cell phone to play against their enemy.  This game is to be played by two individuals by having each player hand the phone off to one another.

Due to a strange incident, the Japanese Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu, and the Japanese God of the Moon, Tsukuyomi, had a minor falling out, now they are in conflict and both players must wield their awesome powers to decide who would be the ultimate victor.

The game is played by tapping the screen, and after each attack is done, that player's turn ends.  However, there is a catch, each attack has a chance to miss, with the most powerful attack having an incredible chance to miss.  Therefore, use your attacks sparingly.

The attacks of both characters are as follows:

A light attack that does very little damage, but hits quite often

A medium attack that does some damage, but hits only sometimes

and a Heavy attack that does a large amount of damage to the opponent, but rarely hits the enemy.

The aim of the game is to vanquish the other deity before you get defeated.

Whoever destroys the other god first wins.

Good Luck, Divine Warriors.


(Use v1.0 apk download file onto Android)