Neave | Xbox One

Xbox One

This a prototype demo for the game Neave. Remember that it is still early in development and things are subject to change!

*I recommend keeping the game windowed as ue4 is locking fps to 60 if you go full screen and it feels sluggish (at least to me it does). This will be fixed for the final product!


WASD - movement

Mouse - Look around

SHIFT - slide/crouch

Spacebar - jump

Controllers work too!

Left stick - movement

right stick - look around

A button (xbox A) - jump

B button (xbox B) - slide/crouch

To Slide, you need to be moving at at a great enough speed in a particular direction otherwise you will trigger a normal crouch.

To climb walls press down the jump button while in the air.

To run on walls just jump into them at an angular that is parallel-ish to the character.