Nemesis (itch) (Corentin Job) | Xbox One

Nemesis (itch) (Corentin Job)
Xbox One

Nemesis is a 2D Roguelike top down shooter where you're objective is to clear through a dungeon to get to the final boss !

In a universe far away ,a mysterious force has risen. 

You have been sent by the federation to analyse the planet and find the threat.

While you descent down the planet, an unidentified object breach the hull of your spaceship and you die a merciless death.

Fortunately, the ADN replicator installed in the back of your ship has survived the crash and succeeded in creating a new clone of yourself.

You now have only one mission : Find the creature that destroyed your ship and destroy it.

Will you succeed in your battle against the unknown monster without becoming one yourself ?

Game made by :

Thibaut LeDoaré : Project Manager and Game Designer

Simon Picardat : Programmer

Paul Paret : Game Designer

Corentin Job : Programmer and Game Designer

Kilian Marion-Miraca : Lead Game Artist

Inès Pouille : Game Artist

Hope you'll all enjoy the game ! have fun playing !