Night Watch (itch) (Saturday Evening Games) | Xbox One

Night Watch (itch) (Saturday Evening Games)
Xbox One

During the night shift, someone keeps causing chaos throughout the office. Lights and monitors are being left on, doors are being locked, and the windows keep getting damaged. Go around the office and make sure that everything is order during your shift. You have a set of master keys for the doors and the phone number to the local repairman in case a window is damaged. Good luck!

There is currently one level for the game, more being worked on.


Move - W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys

In the Security Office:

1 - Grab/Put Down Phone

2 - Grab/Put Down Keys

M - Opens map

In other offices/rooms:

1 - Turn on/off lights

2 - Turn on/off monitors or TV

3 - Repair windows (requires the phone)

4 - Unlock doors