Night Witch: 588 | Xbox One

Night Witch: 588
Xbox One

Night Witch: 588 is a plane-stealth game based on the real 588th Night Bomber Regiment who conducted countless operations against the Third Reich throughout WW2. 

You are a new recruit, flying your trusty Polikarpov with your rear gunner Natalya. A campaign lies ahead of you and the fate of the people is in your hands. Bomb bases, stop reinforcements and repel attacks. Use the experience you gather to perform field upgrades on your plane. Push the axis back at all costs.


Stealth: Use the night to your advantage; turn off your engine, glide over the enemy base and dodge lights. Avoid being detected and take the enemy by surprise. Alternatively, choose the faster but riskier tactic and zoom in as fast as you can, then run.

Time Management: The nights don't last forever and your Polikarpov can't do much during the day. You need to take risks to bomb more targets before the night ends.

Field Upgrades & Repairs: Bombing earns you credits, which you can use to repair and reload your plane. At the end of the night, use them to modify your plane to increase engine power, bomb capacity, and similarly useful traits.

Campaign System: Proceed through the campaign to push the opposing forces back. Your performance every night determines who advances and who retreats. The ultimate objective is to clear the map of all German bases but it is possible to lose progress or even get your own base wiped altogether if you underperform. The future of the motherland is in your hands.

Open-World Gameplay: Much like the campaign's result, the map is open-ended as well. You are free to explore and go to whichever direction you deem appropriate from the very beginning of the game.

What is the Pre-Order Pack?

Since itch allows us to, we put the option up for anyone who may want to be so generous as to pre-order an indie. In return, you get 3 early dev builds with unique content and features, a thank you letter and all of our graphical assets.