Nimble Fish
Xbox One

If you have decided to spend a couple of evenings for a simple game that would help you relax and relieve stress, then this game will entertain you and others for a long time. Additionally it is perfect for those who love to play games about the outdoors, as well as those who have children.Features:
  • Very simple and intuitive
  • Pleasant, soothing graphics
  • Multiple playable characters
  • Many interesting achievements
  • Develops attentiveness
  • Suitable for children

Embark on an unforgettable journey together with this little, defenseless fish, and help her collect as many coins on your way. At the same time try not to fall directly into dangerous water bombs, scattered here and there throughout the level, because in this case, your beloved friend will not be over. This can be difficult because the fish is constantly moving and you will have the opportunity to stop and think how to overcome some obstacle. The game has many different types of fish that can be purchased for the coins and play it for them. Collect and have fun in this funny and addictive game.