Noneuclilypads | Xbox One

Xbox One

A turn based puzzle-roguelike about breaking the bounds of the traditional grid.  Exist in multiple grid spaces at once, and leap across three cells in only one step!

In a secluded wetland, miraculously untouched by human activity, there lies a phenomenal plant that cannot thrive anywhere else: the non-Euclidean lily pad.  Anything standing on the surface of these plants experiences the strange sensation of being in multiple places at once.

The local wildlife seem well versed in the mechanics of these strange platforms, taking full advantage of their world-warping properties to live, travel, and hunt.  Mastery of this aspect of the environment is necessary for survival, most especially for one spry red frog, who must stockpile enough body fat before the winter sets in...

Just always remember to think before you leap.

Made in a month's time for Github GameOff 2019.  Requires a mouse to play!

Sounds taken from  A list of links to the sounds used can be found here.

Programmed with Lua and Löve2D!  Source code and assets can be found here.