Xbox One

Nor’easter is an episodic adventure game taking place in Northern America, somewhere in the mighty forest. The game is deeply rooted in the lumberjack folklore. It’s a setting as unknown to the general public as it's full of quaint, strange creatures known as fearsome critters.

You play as one such critter, a jackalope - a hare with deer antlers - named Jack. Jack sets out to help a lumberjack named Jacob find his missing children. During their adventure they will encounter dozens of weird, magical creatures – a filla-ma-loo bird, a hidebehind, a treesqueak and many others. More importantly, both of our heroes will meet the mysterious Elders of the Forest and try to aid them in restoring balance in within the forest.

Meanwhile, a different yet terrifying being lurks in the shadow and watches the duos every step. Why is the Wendigo - a fearsome critter bound on bringing endless winter to the land – interested in Jacob and Jack? What about Jacob – is there something more to him than meets the eye?

The forest is full of secrets and wonder.

  • Meet the magical and grotesque fearsome critters of the lumberjack folklore
  • Control two characters at once to solve challenging puzzles
  • Experience an intriguing story about the endless and chaotic character of nature
  • Immerse yourself in a fairytale-like world