Northern Lights
Xbox One

You play the role of a survivalist that was sent on a rescue mission and ended up trapped on an island whose climate has suffered mysterious and drastic changes. Massive blizzards, ice-cold temperatures and hungered predators are some of the things to which you have to survive.

This is the core experience of Northern Lights. In less than a second, you find yourself helpless in front of the ruthless arctic nature. From being the hunter, you became the hunted. Stranded far from any human habitation, you have to endure the harsh arctic conditions, hunt for supplies, explore this abandoned world and find a way to escape the island. There is no manual to show you how to survive. Your success depends on getting out there and using all your abilities to master basic wilderness survival skills.

  • Free will: Each sandbox experience has a variety of possible endings to it. You have the choice of ignoring those endings and survive as many days as possible, or complete certain quests in order to leave the island.
  • Choices & Consequences: Keeping your stats under control is crucial. Not keeping your Hunger, Thirst, Body temperature and Fatigue in balance can have repercussions on your in-game Sanity.
  • Only the fittest can survive: In Northern Lights you will find a wide range of diversity among the activities you can do. Be ready to: hunt, fish, scavenge for food and gear items, map your surroundings, start fires, craft items, maintain your gear and most importantly, survive the harsh environment with its predators and the variety of possibly deadly afflictions you could contract.
  • Be the hunter or get hunted: Diverse wildlife, ranging from ferocious predators such as Bears and Wolves to non-threatening animals such as the Reindeer, Moose, Foxes, Boars, Seals, and more to come in future updates!
  • A broad and alive world: The island measures 100 square kilometers and it contains a fine balance between pure nature and an abandoned world composed of a diversity of locations. Exploration can be done by foot or if you are lucky enough, with a snow mobile.
  • Choose your challenge: You can choose between four difficulty settings, made for every kind of player, from beginners who want to explore the world in peace, to experienced survivors who want to experience a hardcore challenge.

MadGoat is an independent game studio based in Romania, Bucharest, that was born of the ambition for developing and publishing high quality video games. Currently, the studio consists of 4 core members that share the same passion for game development.