Nuclear 2050
Xbox One

Nuclear in 2050 where they found out from the news that one 3 atoms generators a mistake had, they wanted as fast as possible away, nevertheless, it was too late. A gas in the generator was released infected many people and also the scientists by the nuclear power plant. You have no other choice, you must switch off the generator. Of your job it is to be found 2 key maps to get you access in the nuclear power plant those whom scientists have lost. Kill, besides, so many infected people as possible not to infect yourself. To switch off the generator you still need the deaktivierungs code him a scientist has lost. A big adventure expects you with guaranteed tension and fear, they explore the varied world of full dangers.

- Realistic graphics

- Opponent

-Jump Scares

- Flashlight

- Weapon

- History

- And even more. !