Ocean Project | Xbox One

Ocean Project
Xbox One


Rescue the ocean from the polluted monsters, as Sig a small Dumbo Octopus, or battle to see who is the best with another friend in the couch co-op 'Battle Arena'!!!

Keyboard Controls :

  • Use W,A,SD to move.
  • Use Spacebar key to jump or skip dialogue.
  • Use Enter key to shoot.
  • Use Q key to talk to NPCs.
  • Use Esc key to pause game.
  • Use R key to reset arena. (For Battle Mode only)

Game  pad Controls :

  • Use left analog stick to move. 
  • Press A button to jump.
  • Press B button to shoot.
  • Press Y button to talk to NPCs.
  • Press Start Button to pause game.

NOTE: Player 1 is set to Keyboard while Player 2 is set to a Game Pad.