Oil Me Up! | Xbox One

Oil Me Up!
Xbox One

Welcome to Oil Me Up!

A game based on the MoonQuest Series, Episode 42 – King of the Squids.  

Lewis is about to snap, give him the oil before you get sent back to square one. He is safely inside the Baked Bean Fort whilst you venture out into the world to find oil and fight some zombies along the way. Remember to keep your health filled by finding Joffa Cakes in the world and find different weapons to defend yourself with while you get the oil so you can finally get into space.

How to Play:
W – Up
A – Left
S – Down
D – Right
Q – Switch what you are holding
E – Interact (When prompted)
Space Bar - Attack

Oil must be delivered to the top left corner of the Baked Bean Fort, this is
where the oil hatch is.

You must be holding the bucket to collect oil. (Q to Swap)
Must be missing 3 hearts to use Joffa Cakes as they refill 3 hearts.

Note that this game may not work correctly with high density displays, or with
Intel graphics chips. (OpenGL 3.3 Required)

Created by:

Meridian Game Studios
    Lily Hopkins (Lead Programmer & Tester)
    Meridian Game Studios

Atlas Game Studios
    Dylan Karsak (Sound/Game Design & Lead Producer)
    Atlas Game Studios

We're going down Games
    Reece Vail (Game Design & Lead Artist)