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OmniMyth Fables
Xbox One

Welcome to the OmniMyth

OmniMyth: Fables is a character-driven fantasy roleplaying game where the adventure is secondary to the friends you make along the way. You'll wield unique and powerful weapons and abilities to fight back the forces of your Guide's imagination. If you feel so inclined, traipse through the scenic town of Tana's Dell and discover the sordid alchemical secrets it contains between the trees. 


1. Subvert the hero's journey: It's great for stories, but makes for a poor group play experience.

2. Play the character that you want: Classes can be restrictive. This is my take on a "classless" RPG system, which instead allows you to create your own abilities and have some flexibility in how you change them as you level.

3. Combat should be interesting and fast paced: No more slog-boring, phone-checking combat sessions. OmniMyth has fast-paced, brutal combat where the tables can be turned at the drop of the hat.

4. Death should be interesting: Death is boring in an RPG. Throwing away your old character and rolling a new one can feel heartbreaking. So, how about playing as a ghost instead? Or going on a quest to come back to life? Death in OmniMyth can be the beginning of a new play arc.

OmniMyth: Fables is full of beautiful illustrations and tips for a successful campaign. In addition, you'll find a blank character sheet for your use. Form-fillable character sheets are available at

The ability creation system allows you to create more than 500,000 unique spells, techniques, and abilities to accurately represent your character's skills, personality, and goals.

Also featured at is a random character generator, so that you can jump into play with a unique character at a moments' notice.


OmniMyth: Fables is a beta of the final OmniMyth game and may undergo changes in the following year, when the final version is released all those who purchased a copy of OmniMyth: Fables will be given the PDF of the final release version of the game.

Community Copies:

If you purchase the game at $12 or more I will add additional community copies. These copies are freely available to those who are otherwise unable to purchase the game. The $12 copy of the game comes with a small hand-written thank you message from the author on the "inner cover" of the PDF.