One Ice | Xbox One

One Ice
Xbox One

There are 21 levels in this game. The game starts off easy but after that, it becomes very hard to get by. Well, you could say that this is a rage game.

You are the Ice Cube and you must pass each red blocks I call "Hot Tiles". By each level you pass, it will say "LEVEL COMPLETE".  Don't mind the numbers though. You can call them points or a time number to see how far you almost made it to the finish.

Also, heads up, its like a losing-loop game until you make it to the win. There is also no checkpoints. If you exit out the game and re-enter back, you'll be restarting back to level 01.

CONTROLS:   Left = [A], Right = [D]

I didn't add any audio or music in it because like I said, I'm a beginner. So if you're doing any posted videos with this game, you can add a music as a background.

Please follow these terms to understand:

  • I will not freak out too much
  • I will not destroy my computer
  • I will always remember that there is no pause button

Thank you for reading the description and enjoy my game.