Operation Vietnam | Nintendo Switch

Operation Vietnam
Nintendo Switch

On a routine run over the Vietnam war-zone your chopper is taken down in VC territory. It's up to you and your squad to make it out of the VC infested region while liberating civilians. You're in total command as you make your way through war-torn Vietnam and eliminate the VC insurgence.

• Command your squad of up to four soldiers at once
• Use the Touch Screen to issue commands, view the map, access inventory and select which squad member to control
• 20 different jungle missions include rescuing POWs, saving civilians, hunting down VC, and more
• Utilize your squad to combat multiple enemy types including: soldiers, tanks, turrets, enemy barracks, etc.
• Take advantage of different specialties and weapons per solider: long range shot, grenade launcher, automatic weapons, etc.
• Beware land mines and other traps throughout war-torn Vietnam
• Flush out enemies with smoke grenades or take out a swarm of VC with fragmentation grenades
• Destructible environments filled with barrels, crates and animals add to the war experience