Orake is an open world game where you'll strive to be the best! Embark on quests, explore secret rooms, unleash your rage attack's against your opponents, and much more.

  • Enter the "Boneyard" and prepare for a grueling fight! (The Boneyard is a deadly pvp zone).

  • Play mini-games like capture the flag!

  • Train to become the very best! (12 skills as of now).

  • Embark on dangerous adventure and defeat bosses of amazing size.

  • Solve puzzles.

  • Explore the world of Orake with friends.

Looking to play a game with some friends?

In Orake you can party up with your friends or make a clan. You can play capture the flag, engage in clan fights, boss fights, explore caves, and much more!

What is a Rage Bar?

A Rage bar is used to do special weapon attacks. Every weapon has it's own rage attack, so find the best one to kill your opponents!

Orake is still in early development so if you do find any bugs contact us through our website,or Steam.