Orbitality | Xbox One

Xbox One

The game takes place in the domain of an advanced space civilization. They are descendants of humans, but they have already lost many connections with the old Earth. They build cumbersome orbital structures around their planets — each resembles weird, enormous interlacing of tunnels.
A myriad of service drones work on the outer side of every station: they repair damage to the hull, install external modules, collect and dispose various garbage.
You control a special drone of a higher rank than ordinary workers: the inspector drone. Your task is to go through all the stations and make sure that everything is in order. And it it important to note than you must fly at huge speed, and the surfaces of the stations are strewn with various sorts of obstacles.


  • 5 scenic space locations from the center of posthuman civilization;

  • Three special abilities: blow up obstacles on your way, roll back in space or phase and pass through obstacles.
  • Replenish energy by collecting space debris along the way. Your built-in nanobots instantly recycle it, providing you with energy for using your special abilities.