Orchid Rain - Mission 04 build | Xbox One

Orchid Rain - Mission 04 build
Xbox One

Hi! This is an adult game which is still in the making. The price I ask symbolizes the support necessary for its development, so don't expect a polished experience. There will be free version with less features available.

  • New: mod support with guides
    • This is what this update is all about, if you're not interested in modded content, you should skip this one!
  • Gameplay inspired by games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Half-Life
  • Endless survival mode where you battle against waves of enemies (not available in free demo)
  • AI Battle: watch the AI fight each other
  • Real time interactive sex
New in this version
  • Mod support
    • Many aspects of the NPCs are now moddable
      • Proportions
      • Textures
      • Accessories
      • Voice lines
      • Models
    • You can learn how to mod the game with the official modding guide.
    • The official way to share mods will be linked soon
      • It will likely be through undertow.club
      • Alternatively, you can do that via Discord
  • 4 new hairstyles
  • Music system
    • A map can now have 2 background sounds
      • Normal version plays through the level
      • A special "action" version of the song plays in scripted moments of when the player's HP goes below 25%
    • For now, I've added only one set of songs
      • I'm still experimenting with music to find what the "feel" of the game should be
  • New work-in-progress UI
    • Support for custom content
    • New credits screen to show patrons
  • WASD - movement
  • Ctrl - crouch
  • C - toggle crouch
  • Space - jump
  • E - interact
  • Left click - primary fire
  • Right click - weapon utility / secondary fire
  • P - Photo mode
    • C - take a screenshot in photo mode
  • Z - Toggle HUD
AI Battle Controls
  • Left click - Grab ragdoll
  • Right click + mouse movement - Orbit camera
  • Right click + W/S or mouse wheel - Zoom in/out
  • P - Photo mode
    • C - take a screenshot in photo mode
  • Patreon
  • Discord server
  • Youtube
  • Game Wiki