Other Minds Demo | Xbox One

Other Minds Demo
Xbox One

Join Ed and Sage on a puzzle platforming adventure!

This is an early demo build to showcase Other Minds - a pixel art style platformer with possession mechanics which allows the player to control enemies, (N)PCs and bosses.

The demo has 8 levels, including a boss fight, one secret level and a hub level. The game focuses on exploration, finding collectibles and solving puzzles. It also features a playable and pettable cat!

Other Minds is still in active development. I aim to release incremental updates to add large chunks of content at a time. Save data will be compatible between updates.

As I am still actively working on the game, any comments about anything you think would improve the game are highly appreciated. I have already made many improvements based on feedback I've received.

Controls and additional information

The game includes an optional hints system and a help bar which will help you out if you are stuck and ensure you know the controls.

Controls are fully re-bindable, defaults are as follows:

Keyboard controls:

  • Arrow keys - movement, look up or look down
  • Z - jump
  • X - Interact
  • C - Action
  • V - Use Sage/Talk

Gamepad controls (XBox):

  • Left analog stick/dpad - movement, look up or look down
  • A - jump
  • B - interact
  • X - Action
  • Y - Use Sage/Talk

The game is optionally available in German, however localisation is not currently a priority so there may be some display problems with longer words.

Minimum specs:


  • Windows Vista or later with DirectX 11 or later installed
  • Dual Core CPU
  • 2GB RAM


  • MacOS Lion (10.7) or later
  • Dual Core CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • IMPORTANT! I cannot make a build that will be compatible with Catalina as I am not currently a registered Apple Developer


  • Ubuntu 16 or later
  • Dual Core CPU
  • 2GB RAM

Game by Edward Atkin (@EAtkin)

Music by Richard Kerry (@RichardAKerry)

Sound design by Mark Mauer (@JustWallGames)

German localisation by MikaPyon (@NiYOtanEN)

You can follow my progress on my Twitter account: @EAtkin. My DMs are open to everyone so feel free to message me!

For anyone who played the pre-release demo:

Save files should be compatible with the current build.

Change log: https://pastebin.com/3p6dNnVC