Ouroboros! | Xbox One

Xbox One

Play as Ouroboros, the dutiful servant of the sun god Ra, and help seal a rift to the Underworld.

How to Play

In each level, you must fill every tile before biting your own tail to complete the cycle.

Portals move you between the land of the living and the Underworld. You must fill every square in both planes to beat each level.

Movement: Arrow keys

Restart level: R

Undo: Backspace


This game was made in 72 hours for Geta Game Jam 10!

Art: @Airborne_Manatee

Code and splash art: @plasmastarfish

Music and SFX: @rob-burnley

Post-jam changelogs:

1/6/20, 3PM PST: Add tutorial and include fonts in download

1/6/20, 5PM PST: Add more levels and message in-game indicating which levels were made after the jam

1/7/20, 4PM PST: Fixed an error that made the last level unbeatable. Whoops!