Packetstorm (itch)
Xbox One

Many years ago, I learned about Dijkstra's algorithm - the fundamental building blocks of how the internet works. I was fascinated by these, and attempted to implement it myself. I had such fun (because I'm quite frankly a massive nerd) messing about with nodes and graphs that I decided to turn it into a game, written using DirectX 5 and C++. Years later, I ported it to XNA, but didn't finish it. Years LATER, I ported it once more to Unity, and after over a decade of off-on development, I'm proud to release the relaxing and zen-like PacketStorm.

In PacketStorm, you play an AI developing a new Internet Service Provider. Each game takes place over a few seconds of game-time, but potentially many hours of realtime. Buy up routers, upgrade cable networks and deal with packet jams as you earn money to research new and better upgrades. Move from running a small ISP over England to one spanning the entire world.

FREE BONUS - Learn the names and locations of almost every city in the world. It's like learning, but fun!