Papa Claus | Xbox 360

Papa Claus
Xbox 360

Submission for Erstel Christmas Month Jam. This is a simple prototype and probably will be developed into something bigger :D


  • Left/Right - move left/right
  • Up - jump
  • Shift - throw a cake
  • Z - pick up one present 
  • X - pick up all presents


You have 30 seconds to steal all presents. Beware of angry kids who will defend their gifts. Each stolen present gives you extra time (and sometimes cakes) but more angry kids will appear. Don't let kids touch you. You have been warned. And remember - kids LOVE cakes.
When time is up, the big one will spawn. All you need to do is not to lose your cakes. You lose all cakes, you lose the game. The big one will steal your cakes on touch, just saying.