Paper House | Xbox One

Paper House
Xbox One

Here we are, at the GameOff 2019. One month, one game, and one me doing this alone.

This is the second time I ever in a game jam, last time was LD45, and it didn't end well for me.

Back to the game. It's a combination of platformer and topdown genre. The main goal is to through the door of every level. And you can see a key or a pin-pad in every room, but how to get it is what you have to think.



use WASD / Left Joystick to move the character;

use J / Space / xbox A to Jump when you can jump;

use H / xbox X to interact with things in the game;

use Tab / xbox RB to change the genre;

use Esc to quit the game;

use Z / xbox Option to toggle fullscreen;

use R / xbox Start to restart current level in case you stuck with bug.

Hope you guys enjoy it!


Change the win.rar with,.

Add the But since I don't have a linux pc, so I don't if it works. The contents are still the same.

Add the html version.