Paper Planet | Xbox One

Paper Planet
Xbox One

(WARNING: the browser version may run poorly or not at all on Chrome)

Paper Planet is an Arcade-Roguelite game with an art style inspired by notebook doodles. 

You play as a mobile turret defending your planet from the most heinous force in the universe, various triangles. Fight off waves of ever-increasing enemies while upgrading your turret with powerful items and weapons! This project is currently a work-in-progress but if you like what you see you can help development by...

1. Joining my Discord server to give feedback (, all are welcome :D).

2. Filling out this survey to help me know what needs work in the game (

3. Showing this demo to friends that may be interested.

4. Throwing cash at my face so I can hire some people and don't have to make EVERY SINGLE ASSET by myself.