Piece of Memory
Xbox One

---- Story ------------------------------------------
One day, an autonomous drone was trying to reduce its altitude in order to make landing.
Lost its owner, the drone had been flying for many decades with solar power. It was a remnant, an "AI autonomous semi-permanent flying drone".
The drone was flying avoiding the towering peaks over the ocean, but it reduced the altitude and made a crash landing on the tip of a small rock.
The towering peaks were the antiquities, the high-rise building in a city, left by once-flourishing humans.
The drone landed on a ruined antiquity.
Slowly, the drone began folding its wings, which were also used as solar power generators. Instantly, it transformed into a girl and a cat, unconsciously fell on the ruin.

---- Getting Started ---------------------------------------
Start the game and a drone reduce its altitude in order to make landing.
It fold its wings and transform into a heroine girl and a black cat.
Your role is this black cat "Nekokun" and is to solve mysteries with the girl.
First the girl is faint an unconscious so you have to wake her up no matter what.
Besides all that, you have to collect "Pieces of Memory".

Use mouse and keyboards to control Nekokun.
You see cursor arrows on the screen so click the direction you'd like to go.

When clicking the direction, press key Ctrl simultaneously then Nekokun could run

When clicking the direction, press key Alt simultaneously then Nekokun could look around.

When you see [Action!] on the screen press key A to take some actions.
For example,
"climb stairs"
"jump over a ditch
"Pick up an item"
"Pick up a Piece of Memory"
Don't miss it!

When you see [W-Action!] on the screen press key A to take some actions along with the girl.
[W-Action!] appears just like [Action!] when both Nekokun and the girl stand up.

For example,
"climb steps with the girl"
"jump over a ditch with the girl
"go up a ladder with the girl"
The girl can't climb steps alone, and Nekokun can't go up a ladder alone.
You have to work together to go on.

If you can make the girl stand up at the beginning, go close to her so you‘ll be able to make her follow you.
At this moment, her icon will appear in the center of the screen.
If the icon is a "girl standing still", it's not the "following-Nekokun-mode".
If Nekokun runs and the icon is "a girl following Nekokun", then it's the "following-Nekokun-mode".
It takes few seconds for her to start following Nekokun after being "following-Nekokun-mode", so take time to lead her.

Press key Esc then you can quit the game.
Press key F5 then you can get a screenshots and save them in the folder "photo" in "KAKERA".

Press key F8 then "recollected pieces of memory" mode starts and you can view the "Pieces of Memory" you've collected.

Press key F9 to save the game at the point you've proceeded.
You can't save right after starting or during some other occasions.
You can save if you see "[F9] = GAMESAVE" in the bottom of the screen.

----- Additions : Keyboad Operation -----------------------------------------
--Normal movement--
-Cursor keys-
Up + left
Up + right
down + left
down + right

--Ladder movement--
-Cursor keys-

--Operation of drone--
-Cursor keys-
left + right = Level flight(!important!)
(Up = Level flight)

--Item acquisition--
A = Erase window