Pixel Storm | Xbox One

Pixel Storm
Xbox One


Pixel Storm is an arcade game in which you control your
character with only your mouse. Equipped with different
weapons and abilities (more classes in later updates),
you have to fight your way through masses of enemies
in either a stage based or endless mode. 

■ Mouse        -> Position
■ Left Mouse   -> Primary Ability
■ Right Mouse  -> Secondary Ability
■ Middle Mouse -> Ultimate Ability

Current Class: Knight
■ Primary: Flail speed-boost
■ Secondary: Flail size-boost
■ Ultimate + Passive: Flail

More classes will be added in the future.

The bloom effect is made possible by this asset  from Artyom Sovetnikov, which is provided under an MIT-License. The full licence file can be found here and in the downloadable zip file. (This license only applies to the effect and not this game).