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Category: Games
Updated: November 22, 2017
Version: 17.3.201
Size: 169 MB
Languages: English, Traditional Chinese
Developer: PLAY337 c 2017

Graded as 3 + 3+

Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / or later.

Game introduction
Aurora legend, Aurora people live a happy and happy life, the brave Locke and Princess Sarah gave birth to surpassing the two of them both have the strongest magic and the strongest sword to kill Princess Reila princess ...

Even Princess Reila is going to school at home to her parents' friend who came to Princess Reila during the summer vacation

Because the parents of friends that is, chicken farms raised chicken is very naughty all ran out from inside the chicken enclosure

Princess Reila's goal is to find ways to get rid of all the naughty chickens in the time inside the fence can be cleared!

2 minutes!

Players are ready to help you pull the princess Princess Lei La all the chicken and become master chicken yet?

Hurry to challenge it!

Update tips
1. Add 3 vending machine
2. Add hidden jump points
3. Added handsome cross-border picture

※ Please do not continue to use for a long time, and please rest