Plop, Fizz Boom! (demo version) | Xbox One

Plop, Fizz Boom! (demo version)
Xbox One

In this cartoonish remake of the 1977 arcade classic, "Depthcharge", the player assumes command a trusty sailboat, equipped with an ever-reliable  supply of TNT. Rain vast quantities of dynamite upon a wide assortment of malevolent submersibles below, whilst dodging incoming projectiles and lasers.   Enemies  come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes whilst exhibiting a wide variety of behaviors, characteristics  and attack patterns.

"Plop, Fizz Boom!"  was the first C++ game I ever programmed, as part of a student project that  I conceived at Westwood Online University in 2012.  After a certain degree of refinement, I decided to formally release the title in January of 2014, marking this as Tadpole Interactive's second official game. 

Limitations of Demo Version:
  • only one playable ship type
  •  4 levels
  •  5 enemy types
  • load features disable
Full Version Features:
  • 16 levels of increasing difficulty
  • 2 playable sailboat types
  • 4 difficulty settings
  •  wide variety of enemy types, each with unique appearances, characteristics, and attack patterns.
  • load level features
  • dynamic day-night cycle with corresponding shading features.
Controls:      left/right arrow keysmovementspacebardrop TNT/ resume gameescapepause/  exit to main menu


The full version of "Plop, Fizz, Boom!" can be purchased for $1 at the following link: